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Scottsdale bicycle accident lawyer gets you the max for your injuries

Riding a bike around town is a very beneficial activity.  It is not only good for your health, but also for the environment and the pocket book.  There are many people who choose to ride their bikes to work or school to save money, and many more who ride for fun and fitness.  Arizona has hundreds of biking clubs who travel in packs on the weekends along Valley roads.  Drivers have to pay good attention to the bicylicts to ensure they give them enough room and to avoid any possible collision.  Whatever your reason for riding is, it is always a good idea to wear a helmet.   Mesa Fire Department is reminding everyone to wear their helmets while riding bikes on city streets, as well as protective and reflective clothing.

Even the smallest accident between a car and a bike can cause major injuries to the cyclist.  Bicycle accidents happen frequently in Arizona due to the high amount of bicycles all year round.  There will be even more people choosing to ride their bikes during this perfect weather.  If you are ever struck by a vehicle while riding a bike and injured, you could be entitled to a large settlement.  Filing a personal injury claim against the at fault party makes many people uncomfortable.  However, it is the duty of insurance companies.  Without an experienced Scottsdale bicycle accident lawyer, the insurance company will be happy to settle for much much less that your injures and medical bills are worth.  Injuries from a bike accident can be very serious and can easily affect the rest of your life.  If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle accident, call top Scottsdale bicycle accident lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your claim for free.

Scottsdale bicycle accident lawyer Matthew Lopez will answer all of your questions about a personal injury case and can get started on filing the claim immediately.  Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez works well with the insurance agencies, claims adjusters, lien holders and medical providers to resolve your case for the maximum you deserve.