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Scottsdale DUI attorney warns Waste Management Open fans of DUI risks

The grass, the sun, the crowds, the golf, and of course the drinks! This is what draws tens of thousands of people to this weekend’s Waste Management Open in Scottsdale.  Drinking and rowdy fans make this golf tournament different from all other tournaments.  It makes for a fun event for people of all ages.  This year there will be extra regulations on what you can bring in to the event.  Police and security will be on high alert for misbehavior including drunk driving.  It is always a good idea to plan ahead for a designated driver or taxi if you think there is any possibility of you drinking.  But many times it is hard to tell what you blood alcohol level is, and alcohol tends to make us think we are ok to drive when we actually are not.

Drinking and driving in Arizona is taken particularly seriously.  A DUI on your record all be there forever and it will be a constant reminder of the huge mistake you made every time it comes up and it has to be explained. That is why it is even more important to have the help of an experienced and dedicated Scottsdale DUI attorney. Scottsdale DUI attorney Matthew Lopez truly cares about his clients and their families.  Mr. Lopez goes out of his way to make his client feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire legal process.  Getting pulled over after you have been drinking is an incredibly stressful and intimidating experience and Matthew Lopez Law understands that.  A DUI charge is not something to take lightly by handling it yourself or a lawyer you cannot trust fully.  Scottsdale DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is trained in DUI defense and is highly experienced with DUI charges in courts all around the state.

Have fun and the Open, but contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately if you find yourself arrested for DUI or underage drinking: 602-960-1731.