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Tempe underage drinking attorney helps face reality, fights charges

It’s back to work Monday for many of us, and research tells us that this is the most depressing day of the entire year.  After enjoying 2 months of holiday celebrations, shopping, parties, food, drinks and lights, it is back to the grind (school or work) plus the added guilt.  The decorations are down, gifts have been returned, and its time to face the reality and consequences of the season.  Some people are also having to face the possibility of some legal consequences, after being arrested for underage drinking or using a fake ID.  Drinking is not just reserved for adults around the holiday season: people under 21 took part in some alcohol as well, and police were definitely aware.

When you are found to be drinking while underage, you will be charged with a Minor in Possession or Minor in Consumption of alcohol (otherwise known as MIP and MIC).  In Arizona, if convicted, you can be facing several serious consequences for these misdemeanors, including alcohol classes, fines, community service, court fees, and possibly even jail time.  In addition, your current employer and/or school administration may give you their own consequences.  The other major result is that you could have a criminal record which will have to be explained for the rest of your life.  It is important to take these charges extremely seriously by hiring a highly experienced Tempe underage drinking attorney to fight the charges and get you be best possible outcome.  Top Tempe underage drinking attorney Matthew Lopez handles hundreds of these cases a year and has helped his clients get through this stressful and difficult time.

Tempe underage drinking attorney Matthew Lopez will guide you and be on your side throughout the entire case, and can also assist with school hearings and license suspension issues.  If you have been charged with a Tempe MIP or Tempe MIC, call Tempe criminal defense law firm and Arizona underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez Law today to discuss your case for free.