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Call top Tempe DUI lawyer if you are arrested for DUI or extreme DUI

It is not every day you see a new story about a police officer being arrested for driving under the influence.

Today, a member of the University of Arizona police department is making headlines himself rather than the criminals he arrests.  To add the embarrassment and seriousness of the crime, the officer is a sergeant, was on duty, and was driving a marked police vehicle.  The sergeant was arrested after he struck a traffic sign and then a cement wall in Tucson.  Luckily no one was injured, but the sergeants mistake means he will not be so lucky: he is facing a super extreme DUI charge, having a blood alcohol content of over 0.20 and also a criminal damage charge.

These charges he is facing are extremely serious. A regular DUI is one thing but having a super extreme DUI is going to be a very tough case to handle.  If you are facing a Tempe DUI , a Tempe extreme DUI or a Tempe super extreme DUI , it is important to have a highly experienced and trained Tempe DUI lawyer to represent you.  Top Tempe DUI lawyer and Tempe extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients in this position get favorable results.  A DUI on your record will follow you around for the rest of your life and there is a range of consequences depending on the details of the case.  Take your DUI charges seriously by hiring a tough Tempe DUI lawyer who will answer all of your questions, be available when you call, and fight to get you the best possible outcome.

Tempe DUI lawyer and Tempe extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez is there for his clients and will protect your rights and put your at ease throughout the whole legal process. Contact Tempe DUI defense firm Matthew Lopez Law today to discuss your case for free.