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Drug convictions can ruin your future: call Tempe marijuana attorney to protect yours

Now that medical marijuana is legal in Arizona and there are medical marijuana dispensaries popping up all over the place, it is easy to think that selling pot is legal.  This is not true. To be able to sell marijuana there are applications, fees and a license you have to get from the state.  It is impossible to tell from a store front whether or not they have a license, but police in Tempe busted one place for selling pot without a license.  Three employees of the establishment known as Delta 9 were arrested and the shop was shut down.  Selling marijuana, even in this day and age of medical marijuana, is still just as illegal if you don’t have the proper license.  Buying it without a medical marijuana card is also just as illegal is it was a few years ago.

If you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, you are facing a serious uphill legal battle.  Arizona courts are tough on drug crimes and will not hesitate to seek the maximum penalties even for first time offenders.  In order to make sure your rights are protected during the case and that you are getting the best representation, contact Tempe marijuana attorney Matthew Lopez immediately.  During a free consultation, Tempe marijuana attorney Matthew Lopez will review your case and answer any questions you have.  Once hired, Matthew Lopez Law fights hard for their clients to get the best possible outcome to their case, striving to reduce or eliminate the charges.  Marijuana may seem like a minor drug, but the consequences to a conviction are far from minor.  It is vital that you hire an experienced and compassionate Tempe marijuana attorney to be in your corner from start to finish.

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