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Fight charges effectively and protect your future with top Phoenix underage drinking lawyer


For those of you who enjoy a cold beer from a local craft brewery, there is some good news.  Two new breweries will be opening  near downtown Phoenix soon.  The proximity to the light rail and to the city, where the population has grown significantly over the past few years, should make these new establishments popular destinations.  It wasn’t too long ago that downtown Phoenix essentially closed up shop at 5pm and was a ghost town on the weekends.  ASU dorms and some hip condo buildings have breathed some new life into this urban area.  New bars, especially breweries, tend to be popular spots for underage drinkers.  Phoenix police are always aware of this issue and constantly patrol streets looking out for signs of drinking in under 21 year olds.  If you are  under 21 and are caught drinking alcohol, attempting to buy alcohol, or in possession of alcohol, you can be charged with one or more misdemeanors, criminal charges that can stay on your record forever.  On top of the charges of Phoenix minor in consumption and Phoenix minor in possession, other charges often go hand in hand, such as using a false identification and giving false information to a police officer.  All of these charges are separate and can carry their own consequences.

Phoenix underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez has years of experience with underage drinking charges.  As a top Phoenix underage drinking lawyer, Matthew Lopez has helped his clients out during their legal struggles not only in the Phoenix metro area but all over the state.  Matthew Lopez Law is familiar with the courts, prosecutors and judges and works efficiently and effectively to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Dont trust your Phoenix underage drinking charge to just anyone.  Hire a top Phoenix underage drinking lawyer to protect your rights and fight the charges.