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Your future is on the line: contact top Prescott extreme DUI attorney

Mohave County Sheriffs Office

Driving intoxicated is a huge risk to your own life and to others as well.  In Kingman AZ, a young man has been arrested and will be charged with extreme DUI after drinking and driving.  The 23 year old man is lucky he is alive and he is extremely lucky that he did not hurt anyone else after he got behind the wheel of his pick up truck, drove at high rates of speed, lost control and plowed into a gas meter, two fences, a parked car and finally crashed into a house.  His blood alcohol level was reported to be over 0.20, which would put him at the extreme DUI level.  He is also facing endangerment and criminal damage charges.

An Arizona extreme DUI charge is not something to take lightly.  While you may think DUIs are so common that every other person has one, an extreme DUI charge is taken very seriously by the courts and they will not let you off easily.  You will face jail time, harsh fines, jail costs, interlock device installation and alcohol screening.  Due to the severity of the penalties, the only choice is to hire an experienced Prescott extreme DUI attorney to thoroughly evaluate your case and use knowledge and training to fight for a favorable outcome.  Arizona Prescott extreme DUI attorney Matthew Lopez has dedicated countless hours to researching and studying DUI and extreme DUI defenses and has a good relationship with prosecutors from all over the state.  Prescott extreme DUI attorney Prescott DUI attorney Matthew Lopez focuses on client relations and understands how difficult and stressful a DUI is.

If you are charged with Prescott DUI Prescott extreme DUI, contact Prescott DUI attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free case evaluation, and to get all of your questions and concerns addressed.  Trust your case to a trained Prescott DUI attorney: Matthew Lopez Law 602-960-1731.