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Life in the fast lane could drive you into legal trouble: Tempe aggressive driving lawyer can help

Police had an exciting chase in Glendale on Tuesday which thankfully ended with no one being hurt.  A man driving a motorcycle was seen speeding by police who attempted to pull him over.  At that time, the man refused to pull over and led highway patrol and helicopter assistance on a hot pursuit up the interstate 17.  The man drove to the Arrowhead Town Center mall in Glendale and ran into a department store.  Police caught up with him and took him into custody.  The man will be facing some extensive charges which he will have to explain to a judge in court.  Hopefully none of you would attempt to out run police in your vehicle, but there are numerous incidents every day where a driver is arrested for driving unsafely for various reasons.  One such charge is aggressive driving charge.

Tempe aggressive driving charges mean you have been accused of driving at an excessive rate of speed and one of the following: ran a red light, unsafe lane change, failure to yield, or tailgating.  You might see these types of driving habits every day while out on the road, but when a police officer witnesses this, they will stop you.  The common misconception is that aggressive driving charge is a civil ticket: it is not!  It is actually a criminal charge, a class 1 misdemeanor with some severe consequences including drivers license suspicion, fines, court costs, traffic survival school and increased insurance. An experienced Tempe aggressive driving lawyer can help you navigate the complicated court system, handle MVD issues, and protect your legal rights.  Top Tempe aggressive driving lawyer and Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez has assisted his clients with their traffic charges and fights to eliminate or reduce the charges.  Matthew Lopez is dedicated to his clients and focuses on respect and transparency.

If you have been charged with Tempe aggressive driving or Tempe criminal speeding, contact Tempe aggressive driving lawyer Tempe endangerment lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation.