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In a Pickle after a Spring Training game? Call Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

Batter Up! Spring Training 2014 is finally here in Arizona, an annual tradition for the super baseball fan and the sun-loving fan alike. Spring Training games are a fun activity for the whole family, they are located all over the Valley and people from all over the country come to the state to follow their favorite home town teams gearing up for the season.  Baseball games are always filled with traditions, hot dogs, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and of course, the beer. Especially during a day game, the sun and fresh air make it hard to tell how intoxicated you are.  Play it safe and arrange for a designated driver or a taxi to get you home.  If you make the decision to drive and find yourself in a pickle, call an attorney immediately for advice on how to get out of this mess

Top Scottsdale DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients with their legal issues.  Matthew Lopez Law prides itself with its client-focused and caring outlook.  Rather than judgment, you will be met with understanding and respect.  It will be clear that you are getting the best representation possible through a dedicated, professional and highly trained attorney.  Police will be patrolling areas surrounding the Spring Training games, on the look out for signs of impairment in drivers. Even a slight traffic violation can call the attention of a police officer, leading him or her to pull you over.  Once pulled over, the officer is trained to look for signs that you are impaired.  Some of these tests are scientific, others are very subjective.  Your life and future are on the line: it is important to hire an experienced Scottsdale DUI lawyer to thoroughly evaluate your case and to present a successful defense.