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Scottsdale drug attorney passionately defends clients’ legal rights

Border patrol agents have accused a 71 year old man on attempting to smuggle six pounds of heroin over the US-Mexcio border.  The man was allegedly hiding the drugs, worth an estimated $80,000, in his computer case in his SUV.  The drugs were confiscated and the man was taken into custody facing some very serious charges.  Drug crimes are taken extremely seriously in Arizona, whether near the border or not.  In the Valley there are many arrests made each day for drug crimes ranging from minor personal use or paraphernalia to major trafficking and manufacturing felonies. You don’t have to be a border smuggler to be charged with a serious drug crime a face a tough legal battle.

Scottsdale drug attorney Matthew Lopez knows how these crimes are treated in Arizona courts and has had experienced working with prosecutors and judges on drug cases.  While you are facing some severe consequences, there are numerous defenses that can be presented to mitigate the penalties as much as possible. Knowledgeable Scottsdale drug attorney and Scottsdale criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez thoroughly investigates his clients’ drug cases and reviews all the evidence to present a well developed and successful defense.  Tempe drug lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped clients with all types of drug arrests around Arizona, including drug paraphernalia, drug possession, drug manufacturing, and drug transportation.  A drug conviction is a felony and will be on your record forever.  It is important to get the professional help you deserve by hiring a well-resepcted Arizona criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights, passionately fight your charges and get you the best results possible.

Scottsdale drug attorney Matthew Lopez is available for free consultations to answer all of your questions.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today at 602-960-1731, or visit the website for information about drug crimes and drug defenses: www.MatthewLopezLaw.com