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Top Anthem personal injury lawyer settles your case for top dollar

wrong way driver died early this morning when he crossed traffic lanes on the I-17 near Anthem and drive into an oncoming semi truck.  The truck driver escaped the incident unharmed but the driver of the SUV in the wring lane was not so lucky.  In this incident, the at fault party has passed away, and the other driver did not suffer injuries, but photos show how much damage can occur from a car accident, especially when the vehicles are traveling at high speeds.  It is a miracle that no one was injured. Many victims of freeway accidents are not as fortunate and suffer injuries ranging from minor whiplash and back pain, to major life changing physical and emotional damage.

If you are ever involved in a car collision and find yourself in pain from the injuries, you have rights to file a claim against the at fault party.  Your injuries were not your fault and you should not have to end up out of pocket and in pain from them.  You have the right to collect a monetary settlement to pay for the steep medical care costs and loss of wages for time away from work, as well as the pain and emotional damage you feel.  An experienced and dedicated Anthem personal injury lawyer will do all the necessary work involved in filing a claim with the insurance companies and can relieve much of the stress during the entire process.

Top Anthem personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of his clients get the money they deserve and get them on their way back to good health and happiness.  If you or your loved one ever find themselves injured in a wreck, contact Anthem personal injury lawyer and Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez today to discuss your case today: 602-960-1731, or visit our website for more information on Phoenix personal injury claims www.MatthewLopezLaw.com .