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Lake Havasu underage drinking lawyer defends spring breakers

Spring break season is coming to a close in Lake Havasu, a top destination for college students in Arizona and California.  Lake Havasu has the ideal waterfront and party atmosphere for the Southwestern crowd.  The bars, booze and boats are plentiful, guaranteeing a good time for anyone looking for it.  Drinking is of course a large part of the spring break experience, with beer pong and drinking games everywhere you look.  Unfortunately, those under 21 years old are not legally allowed to participate in the libations.  In order to get around this, many spring breakers use fake IDs, or use someone else’s ID in order to buy alcohol.  Even if they don’t buy it, friends, new and old, who are over 21 are more than willing to provide it to them.

Underage drinking in Lake Havasu is a huge issue and the police know it.  During the few weeks of spring break, police will be on high alert for signs of an underage person in possession of or consuming alcohol.  Police will eventually arrest hundreds of partiers and charge them with a Lake Havasu Minor in Possession or Lake Havasu minor in consumption (MIP and MIC).  While you may have heard of your friends getting this citation often, it is not something to take lightly.  A Parker AZ MIC or Parker AZ MIP is not just a speeding ticket: it is a misdemeanor criminal charge that will stay on your record forever.

In order to make sure you get the best possible outcome, first call Lake Havasu underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Lake Havasu underage drinking lawyer attorney Matthew Lopez has helped many clients in Havasu get favorable outcomes for their MIP or MIC charge.  It is important to hire an experienced, professional and caring attorney to protect your rights and give you the personalized attention you deserve.  Contact Lake Havasu underage drinking lawyer Parker underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation.