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Let Mesa personal injury lawyer take care of the insurance companies after your accident

Mesa has decided to remove the photo radar vans off their streets, according to recent reports.  The contract the city had with the photo radar company, American Traffic Solutions, expired so the vans were pulled last week.  The city council made it clear they have concerns about the program, and has promised to conduct a lengthy and thorough study on the photo radar program next year.  While those of us who have received a photo radar ticket in the mail may find them irritating, their purpose can’t be denied as a good one.  Photo radar vans serve to detract from the appeal of driving beyond the posted speed limit.  It gives drivers a sense they are being watched even if they didn’t see a police officer.  Whether Mesa saw a decrease in accidents and injuries during the program is unknown, but if they prevented one injury accident for one person, it was probably worth it.

If a driver is traveling faster than the posted sped limit, the amount if time it takes to stop or avoid an obstacle increases.  Many times, they are unable to react fast enough to avoid a collision and therefore, crash into the obstacle in their path.  On top of speeding, many people are distracted with texting or emailing on their cell phone or tuning the radio.  Vehicle collisions can easily result in one or both parties being injured.  Injuries can range from very serious life threatening, to minor bumps and bruises.  Even a small crash can leave you with a nagging pain in your neck or back, and this pain can stay with you for months or years after the accident, and even sometimes get worse over time.

Don’t ignore the discomfort you are feeling after you were involved in an accident.  Make sure you get treatment and take care of yourself immediately.  Then call Mesa personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss the accident and your injuries.  Mesa personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients settle for the money they deserve.  Contact Mesa personal injury lawyer s at Matthew Lopez Law today at 602-960-1731.