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Local drug arrests call for top Lake Havasu drug lawyer


Several recent arrests made in Lake Havasu have made the news, bringing attention to drug crimes in the small community of Lake Havasu City and Parker Arizona.  Lake Havasu News reported the arrests were made following warrants in the area, and were described as “local,” implying that they were not part of the flood of out-of-towners who spent time there during spring break.  However, spring breakers could have been involved by being customers.  Reports did not specify what kind of drugs were involved or what charges were filed.

Drug crimes can be found in any city, even smaller ones like Lake Havasu and Parker.  During March, the population surges in these cities from college students and families looking for some refreshing fun in the sun.  Police were on high alert for signs of underage drinking, drunk driving, and drug use, in attempts to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Drug crimes are taken extremely seriously in Arizona.  Courts see all types of drugs as dangerous and treat offenders without consideration of the specific situation.  If you are arrested for a drug crime, you need to speak to an experienced Lake Havasu drug lawyer immediately.  Top Lake Havasu drug lawyer Matthew Lopez is knowledgable in drug crimes and will be on your side throughout this stressful and scary time.  Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez investigates his clients’ case thoroughly, including reviewing police reports, interviewing officers, and carefully dissecting all evidence the state has against you.  You need an aggressive and reputable defense attorney to defend your rights, to attend your court hearing and to work with the prosecutors to get you the best possible outcome.

Do not take you drug arrest lightly. Contact Lake Havasu drug lawyer Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free case consultation: 602 980 1987, or visit www.LakeHavasuDUILawyer.com for more information on Matthew Lopez Law.