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Had too much fun in the sun? Call Lake Havasu DUI attorney

Watch out Lake Havasu: college students from Arizona, California and surrounding states have descended upon you for the next two week marking the 2014 spring break season.  Lake Havasu, known for its party boats, bikinis, and booze, is flooded during this time of year with young people looking to have fun.  This Arizona destination made the cut in a Top Spring Break Destinations in the US list, no doubt adding to its popularity.  Most of the visitors will be drinking alcohol, since it is just part of the atmosphere on and around the lake.  Drinking, if you are over 21, is not the biggest problem.  The biggest issue is if you drink and then decide to get behind the wheel of a car.

Driving while impaired is not too difficult; it is easy to underestimate how much you have had to drink and underestimate your level of intoxication.  Many people would be surprised to know how few drinks it actually takes to have a blood alcohol level of 0.8 or more.  Also, being around such a booze-soaked atmosphere often results in drinking more than intended.  If you make the mistake of driving drunk and are pulled over, remember to follow these tips: (1) be polite and respectful – attitude will only worsen your situation. (2) respectfully decline the field sobriety tests. (3) once arrested, allow your blood to be drawn. (4) call Lake Havasu DUI attorney Matthew Lopez.

Lake Havasu DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is highly experienced with Havasu DUI and Parker DUI charges, the courts, and their prosecutors.  It is important that you demonstrate to the courts that you are taking your DUI charge seriously by hiring a professional and knowledgable attorney to represent you.  Lake Havasu DUI attorney Parker AZ DUI attorney Matthew Lopez understands how to investigate a DUI to develop a thorough and successful defense.  If you are arrested for DUI in Parker or Lake Havasu, call Matthew Lopez today.