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Phoenix disorderly conduct lawyer will fight your complex and serious charges

The close game between the Arizona Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers Saturday night left many University of Arizona fans in a state of shock and disappointment.  The NCAA tournament is one of the most exciting annual events in sports and watching the single elimination games with a crowd at a bar is a common sight.  As crowds get rowdy and drunk, however, a disappointing loss or nail-biting win can result in some dangerous and disorderly rioting.  That is exactly what happened in Tucson Saturday night after the Wildcats lost the game in overtime.  Students and Wildcat fans, already pumped up for the close game, became the proverbial angry mob, leading to police in riot gear, firing pellet guns and tear gas and making arrests.  Rioting is a dangerous and illegal activity, and is a prime example of a situation that could result in a Phoenix disorderly conduct charge or Phoenix assault charge.

You can be arrested for disorderly conduct or assault for a wide range of scenarios.  Police use their truing and judgement to assess the situation and your actions to make the decision to arrest you for these crimes.  They are not always for violence or fighting as most people believe.  If you are arrested for Phoenix assault or Phoenix disorderly conduct, you need an experienced and tough Phoenix disorderly conduct lawyer to fight the charges.  Phoenix disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez has represented hundreds of his clients who are in legal trouble and have fight to get them the best possible outcome.

Phoenix disorderly conduct lawyer Matthew Lopez encourages you to contact him for a free case consultation to get your questions answered.  This is not time to attempt to handle it yourself.  Going to court and facing a judge and a highly trained prosecutor requires experience, confidence and professionalism.  In order to make sure you are getting the best results, contact Phoenix assault lawyer Matthew Lopez today at 602-960-1731.