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Phoenix dog bite lawyer advises on personal injury claims

Another dog attack made the news this week, the second within the month in the Valley where a young child was the victim.  This time the injured child was a 9 month old baby girl who was attacked by her family dog, a 95 pound Akita.  The child was bitten in the face and was taken to the hospital.  Since the dog is the family pet and it attacked a member of the family, reports say that the family is not required to give the dog up to Animal Care and Control or to put the dog down.  For now the family is most likely focusing on the healing of their little girl who was in critical condition.

The dog in this situation had bitten members of the family before so this was not a new or surprising attack.  The victim could just a easily been a stranger walking down the sidewalk or a visiter in the home.  Dogs can attack for any number of reasons, but not all are easy to anticipate.  Dog owners are responsible for ensuring their dog does not cause harm to anyone, whether in the home or outside the home.  If you or a loved one was attacked or bitten by a dog, you should not be held responsible for paying your medical costs, future scar treatment or time away from work.  Dog bites can be very dangerous.  Not only are they very painful, but they can cause terrible scarring and can easily result in infection, making the healing time longer, more painful, and more likely to leave unsightly scars.  An experienced Phoenix dog bite lawyer Phoenix personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of his clients get the money they deserve for injuries they did not deserve.

Phoenix dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez will discuss your injuries and the case for free and answer all of your questions about filing a personal injury claim.  Do not let a dog attack ruin your life with pain, inconvenience, emotional distress and embarrassment.  Contact Phoenix dog bite lawyer Phoenix dog bite attorney Matthew Lopez today.