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Phoenix marijuana lawyer helps clients until AZ passes new laws

It looks like the people of Arizona are beginning to follow in Colorado’s footsteps.  A recent poll of Arizona residents showed that a slight majority is in favor for legalizing marijuana for recreational use: 51% of people favor legalizing, 41% of people are against it, and 8% are unsure.  Colorado and Washington have recently passed laws allowing the recreational use of the drug, and many states, including Arizona, are watching to see how these new laws plays out.  Arizona passed the legalization of medical marijuana a few years ago, but so far, using marijuana for non-medical purposes is still illegal and still carries hefty penalties.

Because medical marijuana is legal, the drug may be easier for some people to get a hold of.  Arizona courts still see marijuana as an illegal substance and does not go easier on offenders just because medical marijuana is allowed.  In fact, Arizona is one of the strictest states on marijuana crimes.  Drug convictions carry heavy consequences.  If charged with Phoenix possession of marijuana, you could be facing prison time, expensive fines and fees, and of course a criminal record.  This is the time to get professional and experienced help by calling Phoenix marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez with Matthew Lopez Law.  Phoenix marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez has successfully defended hundreds of clients and got favorable outcomes.  Phoenix possession of marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez works with prosecutors all over the state and thoroughly investigates your case to present an effective defense.

Phoenix marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez will fight to get you the best possible outcome for your case, reducing or possibly eliminating the charges all together.  He will also assist with any drivers license suspension / revocation issues and with university hearings.  Contact Phoenix marijuana attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free case evaluation: 602-960-1731, or visit the website at www.MatthewLopezLaw.com