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Did the rain bring you unexpected pain? Call Tempe personal injury lawyer about your car accident

The recent rain storms in Phoenix came and went like a dream.

They were built up by the media, and then came in quickly and disappeared just as fast.  The wet weather provided little respite for the Valley’s 70-plus day dry stretch but of course, it was better than nothing.  Gardeners were happy all over the area, watching their plants take a much needed drink, but anyone behind the wheel during the rain storm experienced concern and caution.  After such a long dry spell, the roads in the Valley get very slick very quickly, surprising drivers who are so used to dry surfaces.  Rain always seems to bring accidents, and although the rain often worsens the conditions, there typically is one driver who is at fault in any collision.  People often fail to take the proper precautions after a rain, driving at same speeds and not taking into account the lower visibility.

If you were involved in a collision during or after a rainy day here in the Phoenix area, you could be entitled to a substantial settlement from the at fault party.  Accidents, however small, can result in long lasting pain.  If you are injured to no fault of your own, why would you want to live with pain, inconvenience, and expensive medical bills?  Instead of ignoring your pain, take care of yourself by calling experienced Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your case.  Top Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez is focused on making sure his clients take care of their health and well-being, and fights to get the maximum settlement they deserve for their injuries.

A car accident can leave you anxious, stressed, inconvenienced and in pain.  Don’t stress yourself out more by discussing your case with the insurance companies, who are trained to minimize your injuries and settle for much less than you deserve.  Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez is trained specifically in car accidents personal injury cases and is experienced with the insurance companies and medical providers in the area.  Call 602-960-1731 today for a free consultation.