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Tempe dog bite lawyer puts clients at ease, getting them the maximum settlement

A scary dog attack last week in Phoenix left a 4 year old boy in the emergency room.  The young boy wandered into his neighbors yard when he encountered the pit bull chewing on a bone.  The boy approached the dog and possibly tried to take the bone away but the dog attacked him, biting his face and severely wounding him.  The put bull is now facing euthanasia and the boy is facing life-long scars, damage to his face, and emotional scarring.  Dogs of any breed, size or age can act out unpredictably even to their owners.  Dogs can attack because they are scared, not feeling well, injured, being protective over family or protective over food.  Whatever the reason dogs might lash out on a human, the owners of that dog are responsible for their behavior and responsible for any harm the dogs cause.

Dog bites can result in severe injury or even death.  Dog bite victims can face severe pain, anxiety, PTSD, and physical harm, not to mention future scarring, embarrassment and nerve damage.  If you are ever bitten or attacked by a dog, you should not have to pay for what you are not responsible for.  Dog bite victims have rights, and it is Tempe dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez ‘s duty to protect those rights.  Tempe dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez will take so much of the stress off your plate by speaking with insurance companies, and working with medical providers and the claims adjusters to get you the maximum amount your deserve.  Medical bills add up very quickly and lost wages from time away from work can be devastating.  Don’t let something that was not your fault become a financial burden.  Contact Tempe dog bite lawyer Matthew Lopez today if you or a loved one was bitten or attacked by a dog.  During a free consultation, Tempe dog bite attorney Matthew Lopez will answer all of your questions and can get started on your case immediately.