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Cops are looking for DUI’s in Havasu During Memorial Day Weekend

Don’t be a statistic this weekend.  If you are going to Parker, Havasu or Bullhead City, cops will be in full force looking for people to arrest for DUI.  Although it may sound boring, my best advice is, if you are going to drive a boat, don’t have anything to drink.  Police officers are very good at knowing exactly what to include in police reports to ensure DUI convictions.  The second they smell alcohol on a person’s breath, they will start the DUI investigation and will most likely find a reason to arrest you.

After representing hundreds of people across the entire state of Arizona, I have found that Lake Havasu and Mohave County cities are hands down the hardest on DUI’s.  Most of my clients who have been arrested are from California. ARIZONA IS NOT CALIFORNIA.  There is no such thing as paying your way out of a DUI, there is no  such thing as a diversion program for a DUI and we definitely don’t have the fancy DUI jails that California has.  If you arrested for DUI in Lake Havasu, Parker or Bullhead City, you may be looking at up to 45 days in jail.  The judge will not care that you have a job and family in California, he will order that you do your full time in Arizona.

Here’s the good news.  My office has worked incredibly hard at establishing a reputation of providing DUI clients with exceptional results.  Read our unsolicited client testimonials, see our 9.3 out of 10 excellent rating on Avvo and learn why we have been nominated as Arizona’s top 10 lawyers for client satisfaction.