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Lake Trips and Boating DUI Mistakes

With the temperature rising, many people in Arizona escape the heat by hitting the lake. Every summer my office represents numerous people for boating DUI’s. Clients go to the lake to have fun and let loose with their friends. Invariably, when they go to the marina or go back to the dock, they get pulled over by game and fish or the sheriff’s office for creating a wake in a no wake zone. Although this is a ridiculous fishing method for police, this is still a valid stop. Once the officer approaches the boat and sees empty beer cans, the driver is in a lot of trouble.

Intentions Versus Results

People don’t go to the lake with intentions of drinking and boating; rather, they go to the lake and have a few beers without eating or drinking water. A few beers in 100-degree weather without food or water affects people a lot differently than if they were to have the same amount of beers at home. People don’t realize they are impaired, but once the officer sees beer on the boat or smells beer on the driver’s breath, the police begin investigating a DUI.

After representing countless clients for boating DUI’s, I have found that police often times conduct very sloppy investigations. Field sobriety tests are poorly performed and can easily be attacked if performed on a boat. Breathalyzers haven’t been calibrated properly. DUI defense is one of the most complicated areas of law to defend. They require the assistance of a lawyer who has dedicated his career to studying the same tests police officers use and picking apart breathalyzers and machines that analyze blood.

Contact Experienced Representation

Not only has Matthew Lopez represented countless clients for boating DUI, our representation is state wide. We have represented clients arrested at Lake Havasu, Parker, Roosevelt, Bartlett, Canyon Lake, Bullhead City and Kingman. Let us show you why we are considered one of Arizona’s most recognized DUI law firms. Because a boating DUI could result in up to 45 days in jail, don’t leave your case to chance, speak with an attorney who understands these cases and is known for getting cases dismissed.