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A Tempe Lawyer Who is Well Familiar With Tempe Courts

My family and I were eating lunch this afternoon when I saw a beautiful, brand new Tempe Police Camaro in the parking lot (have a look https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Lopez-Law-PLLC/148569511851331?ref=hl) .  I can only imagine how much the City of Tempe spent on this car.  Although I know close to nothing about cars, I can assume this car has just about every upgrade imaginable.  My wife and I talked about why Tempe may have invested so much money in the car.  Is it to recruit more police officers, to make it look like police are the cool-good guys, does it conspicuously alert the neighborhood about police presence?  In the end, this is all just speculation. I would have to meet with the City Manager to get a better answer as to why this isn’t the stereotypical sign of government waste.

In any event, I am more familiar with Tempe than any other city in the State of Arizona.  My office is in Tempe, I live in Tempe and I went to ASU.  Because of our location, I have countless cases in Tempe Court.  While I am not saying that because I’m in Tempe Court all the time I get preferential treatment.  In fact, telling clients or potential clients that we receive preferential treatment is against our ethical standards.  That said, it is helpful to my clients that I have a very good working relationship with Tempe Prosecutors.  I treat them fairly and with respect, and in return, they treat me fairly and with respect.  Although we are on different sides of the fence, I consider them to be good work colleagues.

We help clients who have been charged with all types of crimes and who come from all walks of life.  If you have found yourself in trouble and your case has been assigned to the Tempe Court, call us to find out how we can help you.  My staff and I love our jobs and are always happy to answer as many questions as you may have.