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A trusted Phoenix lawyer fighting dog bite cases

Bitten by a Friend’s Dog

Last year, a young lady came to my office after having been bit by her friend’s great dane. I really had no idea what type of injuries she sustained until I met with her. Turns out, she was not just bitten by the dog, her face was mauled by the dog. This was a very attractive, bright young lady whose life had just been turned upside down. She was rushed to the emergency room to receive immediate surgery. Although she was healing quickly, three plastic surgeons agreed that she would undoubtedly need future plastic surgery to repair her facial scarring.

Due to client confidentiality, I cannot share her pictures with anyone outside of the insurance company. When I first looked at the pictures, I was immediately taken aback. This young lady had horrific lacerations to her face and I could only imagine the pain she endured.

Insurance Companies are Greedy

As an attorney, I am consistently asked whether I have any interesting cases. Without divulging personal information, I would generally discuss this dog bite case with people. Invariably, people would say something to the effect “what’s there to argue, the insurance company is just going to pay the policy limits, right?” If you have never dealt with an insurance company, let me put it mildly, insurance companies are the greediest entities known to man. To avoid paying a cent more than they have to, they will tooth-and-nail

After spending months collecting medical records and having my client attend follow up appointments, we finally received an offer from the insurance company. First offer was just enough to cover client’s medical expenses. I thought to myself, they must be delirious to believe that anyone in their right mind would accept such a low offer.

You see, insurance companies are hoping that most people are in such dire need of money they will jump at the first settlement offer. I believe insurance companies are abusive, in that they will make a claimant feel terrible about themselves for filing a claim. They play head games. From day one, as nice as the adjuster may seem, they will twist and turn every word you say against you.

Hire an Attorney that Puts Your Interests First

After more than a year of fighting the insurance company, we were finally able to achieve a settlement that my client was pleased with. When everything was said and done, I looked back at this experience with complete disgust for insurance companies I feel terrible for people who either do not hire an attorney or hire an attorney who simply does not care about their clients’ wellbeing and is looking to make a quick buck so they can get on with the next case.

I mean it when I say it, I love my clients. I am honored that out of the thousands of attorneys in Phoenix and after countless TV jingles being aired, my clients have chosen me to help them when they are facing one of the most difficult events of their lives. I love my job and I look forward to going to work every day to help as many people as I possibly can.