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How to Get the Largest Settlement for your Car Accident

Everyone wants to know how to get the most amount of money for their car accident.  If you were in a car crash caused by someone else and you are injured, why not try to get the biggest settlement possible? No two car accidents are alike.  From the perspective of maximizing a settlement, some are bad, some are good and most are in between.  Let’s discuss the good and bad.

What is Bad for a Personal Injury Settlement

While the lawyers at my office are good at settling all types of car accident cases, there are certain facts that will limit the amount of money our clients receive.  Here is a list of what we consider bad:

1. Insurance Company – Some insurance companies are more generous than others.  Every time I see a new personal injury case where the at-fault party has Farmers or Safeco, I immediately cringe.  Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies don’t have to compensate you for your injuries.  They can say no and insist that you fight for every last penny in court.

2. Were the police called – If the police weren’t called and the parties simply just exchanged insurance contact information, it will lead the insurance company to believe that nobody was really hurt.  If you were hurt or the damage was significant, the police would have been called to fill out a report.

3. Lapse or Gaps in Treatment – If the party pursuing a personal injury claim did not seek chiropractic or physical therapy within one week of the accident, the value of the claim will go down significantly.  If you do go to a chiropractor or physical therapist, make sure you make every appointment.  Gaps in treatment will ruin a personal injury claim.

What is Good for Maximizing a Personal Injury Settlement

1. Police were called – if the police were immediately called, cited the at-fault party for violating a traffic code and took witness statements, the insurance company will not be able to dispute liability.

2. Ambulance Came to Scene – If you were injured, tell the police officer that you need immediate medical treatment and you would like an ambulance to take you to a hospital

3. Go to a Hospital – Have the ambulance transport you to a hospital immediately.

4. Follow up with a Primary Care Physician – The hospital will give you release instructions.  One of the instructions will be to follow up with your primary care physician.  Make an appointment to see them immediately.

5. Get Evaluated by an Orthopedic Physician – If you are experiencing significant pain, you need to be evaluated by an orthopedic physician to see if you have serious bodily injuries.

6. Follow up with a Physical Therapist – A physical therapist help rehabilitate your injuries and provide you with home exercises.  You should be receiving 4-8 weeks of physical therapy.  Go to every single appointment and do not skip.

7. Insurance Medical Pay – While this may be out of your control after you have been injured in a car accident, clients who receive the most for their personal injury claim have med pay through their auto insurance policy. If you are reading this article and have not been injured but are reading it for personal knowledge, you need to call your insurance company immediately and tell them you want $5,000.00 in med pay coverage.  Adding $5,000.00 in med pay coverage will only increase your premium by a few dollars a month, but could result in you getting thousands more should you ever pursue a personal injury claim.

8. CALL ATTORNEY MATTHEW LOPEZ – Our Arizona attorneys will be glad to answer any questions you may have about your personal injury case.  We don’t charge for our services unless we collect for you.  You have nothing to lose by having our office help file your personal injury claim.