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I have a DUI case at University Lakes Justice Court

The University Lakes Justice Court in is Chandler, Arizona but has jurisdiction over most of downtown Tempe. People whose case has been assigned to the University Lakes Court were most likely issued citations by Arizona State University Police Department, Department of Public Safety or Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Generally speaking, the agencies do not perform blood tests; rather, most defendant’s have their blood alcohol analyzed by a breathalyzer. I strongly encourage everyone that has been arrested for DUI after having their breath tested, to get a ride to the nearest hospital to your blood drawn. Your blood must be drawn within two hours of your arrest. The benefit to having an independent blood draw is that blood analysis is more accurate than breath. Although we are able to construct exceptional defenses for our clients’ breath cases, I have found breathalyzers to be terrible indicators of a person’s true blood alcohol content. We use expert scientists to analyze our clients’ independent blood draw. They use the same equipment and have received the same training as many of the municipalities that determine blood alcohol content by analyzing subjects’ breath. Just like us, our scientist has an exceptional reputation.

University Lakes Justice Court

In addition to using breath as a measurement of blood alcohol, the University Lakes Justice Court does not offer a home detention program. This is one of the major reasons that it is not recommended for you to compare your DUI to a friend, family or coworker’s DUI. Unless their DUI was at the University Lakes Justice Court, their outcome is going to be completely different than yours.

Hire A Lawyer

The police and prosecutor’s office doesn’t expect you to hire a lawyer. They are going to show you very little evidence and expect that you won’t ask any questions. They want you to simply plead guilty and pay your fine. That’s not how it works at my office. I have devoted my entire career to helping people who have been arrested. I challenge authority and am not afraid to ask why. From day one, you will see that my office rolls our sleeves up and gets involved in your DUI defense. Let us show you how we can help beat your University Lakes DUI case.