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I Received an MIC at ASU Football Game. What Now?

If you haven’t heard by now, ASU is doing whatever it takes to eliminate its stigma of being a party school. Having over 50,000 students means home games at ASU are packed with students and alumni. On any given ASU football game, at home, everywhere you turn, you are pretty much guaranteed to see drinking. In an effort to limit heavily intoxicated fans, ASU’s president recently banned kegs from ASU tailgate activities. The other thing that I can almost certainly guarantee is that dozens of people each Saturday will receive an MIC at ASU football game.

If you are under 21 and are drinking at an ASU tailgate party, you are really rolling the dice. Last year, a number of ASU fans spotted a van patrolling the tailgating parking lots. It’s rumored the van was used by law enforcement to keep an extra set of eyes on football fans. The bottom line is, on Saturdays, ASU is hiring law enforcement agencies from across the valley to patrol all areas around the stadium. Although ASU wants its attendees to have fun, there is clearly a zero tolerance when it comes to rowdiness or underage drinking.