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Why is ASU so Strict on Underage Drinking?

People ask my office all the time why is Arizona State University so hard on underage drinking. I know there are other law firms that represent clients for various university-related offenses, but I’m in court every day and as far as I can see, there’s not another law firm that handles as many Arizona State University cases as my firm. That said, we are familiar with the inner workings of Arizona State University position on Minor in Consumption and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Minor In Consumption Charge

I don’t agree with what ASU is doing. I think they’re doing their students a disservice by criminalizing the same acts that thousands of college students across the country are doing at every other university. Instead of helping its students, they are hurting their future employment opportunities. If they get convicted of underage drinking, for the rest of their life, they will have to disclose that they have a criminal conviction. It will be incredibly embarrassing for an adult to explain their college behavior and could significantly affect their future employment. How can ASU possibly think this is a good thing for its graduates?

Also, after reviewing hundreds of police reports, I have found that ASU police are sloppy with their investigations, lie in their police reports and infringe on ASU students’ constitutional rights. They know they can put whatever they want in their police reports because when it comes down to their words against a student’s word, a judge is going to believe them.

Underage Drinking Citations

On top of all this, when ASU police issue citations for underage drinking, they assign students to the University Lakes Justice Court. The University Lakes Justice Court is in Chandler, Arizona – nearly 15 miles from campus. How are ASU students supposed to arrange for transportation 15 miles away from campus? Having a court so far from campus results in students missing their court dates and having warrants out for their arrest.

Here’s the final word. ASU needs to change their policy on underage drinking. It’s hurting more students than it’s helping. If you are a student or a parent of a student who is reading this article, call my office to receive additional information relating to ASU Minor in Consumption and Minor in Possession charges.