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How to handle your Scottsdale Court Case if You Live Out of State

A Scottsdale Lawyer Who Will Take Care of Everything For You

It’s not uncommon for people to vacation in Scottsdale and have a run in with the law. If Scottsdale Police issues you a citation, the citation will have a court date on it. This court date is called an arraignment. An arraignment is just the first step in the court process. In addition to your arraignment, you could have several hearings scheduled before your case is resolved. If you do not have an attorney, you will have to travel to Scottsdale for each of your hearings. Not only will it be a major inconvenience for you to travel back and forth, it will be incredibly expensive.

Scottsdale Court Cases Can be Handled Without Your Presence

Here’s the good news, if you have a lawyer, in most cases you will not have to come back to Scottsdale for your case. Don’t waste your time and money traveling back to Scottsdale. Not only will it be cheaper to hire a lawyer, you may receive a better outcome. If you have questions about how we can help you, please call my office. We’ve handled nearly every type of case you can imagine at Scottsdale Court and know how to craft a defense that could lead to a dismissal or a significant reduction in your consequences.