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Keep the street racing off the streets

Back in the 1950s street racing was a common sight on the streets of Phoenix and a popular activity for young drivers of fast cars. Nowadays, street racing or drag racing has become a highly illegal sport that Phoenix police are trying hard to curb. The speed and size of the cars now being raced lead to a higher level of danger. There is an increased likelihood of a race ending in a collision, crash, injury or even death.

Just this month there was an incident where a drag racing Honda struck and killed a pedestrian on 27th Avenue in Phoenix. Police are still looking for the driver. Witnesses observed that the two vehicles racing did not seem to have control and at the speed they were driving, were unable to see or avoid the pedestrian, leading to the tragic and unnecessary death.

There are places where people with the need for speed can go for a good old fashioned Arizona (legal) street-racing fix, such as the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, which holds racing on Friday nights. This type of organized and controlled environment gets the dangerous racers off the streets and away from innocent bystanders who could be injured or killed in a drag racing crash.

Consequences for drag racing or street racing charges can vary but are taken very seriously by police, prosecutors and judges. If you have questions or concerns about your charges, contact Matthew Lopez Law today.