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Scottsdale Driving on Suspended License

A Lawyer Getting Cases Dismissed

It happens all the time, my client was driving a little faster than the posted speed limit and gets pulled over by the police. My client is well dressed, drives a nice car, may be on the way to work and thinks he can talk himself out of a speeding ticket. Then, things suddenly go sideways. The officer tells client his license is suspended for unpaid speeding tickets. Not only will this result in your car being impounded, but you are now facing a misdemeanor charge.

Why Was My License Suspended

Remember a few years ago when Phoenix had all the speed cameras? Your “screw the government” friend told you to just ignore your ticket because the government needed to serve you. Although your friend may be the smartest person he knows, he certainly doesn’t know the law and should have never given legal advice. The truth is, it is quite possible you were served, but you didn’t notice. If the process server had reason to believe you were home, he could have left your summons on the doorstep. It’s quite possible the summons was stolen or blown away without your knowledge.

Save your License and Avoid a Conviction

If you received a ticket for driving on a suspended license, the attorneys at my firm can help. We can work together to develop a persuasive plan to show the court why this was a simply mistake and that you never intended on driving on a suspended license. You’ve made one bad decision, don’t make another. Speak with a lawyer at my office to see how we can help you avoid another suspension, criminal conviction, jail and probation.