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Scottsdale DUI Cases May Be Getting Dismissed

Technicalities Can Lead to Dismissals

As DUI lawyers, we roll up our sleeves to look for very small technical errors in our clients’ cases. If a lawyer isn’t familiar with the details of a DUI case, they will have no chance of getting your case dismissed and they are essentially taking your money. Not all lawyers are the same and not all lawyers are DUI lawyers. Juries become fixated on blood alcohol contents and driving behavior. If the officer had reasonable suspicion to pull you over and your blood alcohol was greater than .08, then you must be guilty of a DUI. A successful attorney knows exactly how to convey information to a jury to show them all of the errors that not only happened in your Scottsdale DUI case, but in DUI cases in general.

Recent Activity in Scottsdale Could Lead to Dismissals

There are have been some recent activities at the Scottsdale Crime Lab that could be extremely beneficial to you if you have received a DUI in the past year and you have not resolved your case. If you fall under this category, I strongly encourage you to at least call my office to discuss how we can help either get your case completely dismissed or have it reduced to Reckless Driving. My experience tells me that Scottsdale is going to remedy this issue quickly and close the gap on this possible loophole. I will review our plan of action and show you exactly how I will be able to help resolve your case in a manner that is your best interest.