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Students’ lives affected by underage drinking charges

School is back in session at ASU and local colleges, and with the holidays coming up students are making friends and enjoying college life. Part of college life inevitable is attending parties, especially around Halloween time. Unfortunately many of the party-goers at these events are not of legal drinking age and find themselves enjoying the drinks illegally.

Tempe and ASU police have made it clear in the past year that loud parties, underage drinking and associated disruptive behavior is unacceptable. Several serious incidents have drawn even more attention to these activities than ever before. Police are always aware of the draw college students have toward alcohol and try to curb the behavior as much as possible by patrolling for parties and issuing citations such as minor in possession and minor in consumption whenever necessary.

These charges may be common around college campuses, but that does not mean they are not serious. An MIP or MIC on your record can affect all aspects of your life, from your status at school, to your financial situation, to your current and future employment opportunities.  There are the court costs, fines, community service, alcohol education classes, school-issued consequences, and most serious is a damaging criminal record.  Do not take these charges lightly. Matthew Lopez is highly experienced in these cases and has a stellar reputation in courts all around the Valley. He has intricate knowledge of MIP and MIC charges, consequences, defenses and the varying court’s common practices. Call Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation about your MIP or MIC and put your mind at rest that your life, current and future, is in good hands.