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Underage Drinking Code of Conduct Hearings at ASU

Just got off the phone with a dad calling from Seattle about his daughter who was cited for underage drinking. Most of my phone calls for what I call university related “crimes” are with parents. They are appalled to find that their child is facing a criminal charge when they were just doing what every other student across the country is doing on a Friday or Saturday night. I agree. Sometimes, I wonder if Arizona is going to enact laws that could send people to the gallows for jaywalking. I don’t understand why a college student who is having a beer with his friends, not driving and not harming anyone should be faced with a criminal charge.

ASU Punishes Students for Underage Drinking

In addition to the legal system, minor in consumption and minor in possession of alcohol charges could result in a code of conduct hearing with Arizona State University. The outcomes of the code of conduct hearings are really all over the board. Penalties could range from alcohol education classes, community service and in some cases suspension or expulsion.

The benefit of hiring our firm to represent you with your underage drinking case is that we will represent you for your court case, as well as your code of conduct hearing. We have represented hundreds of ASU students. Don’t go into court or a campus hearing unprepared, call us for advice on how we can help get your case dismissed so that you can move on with your studies.