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Arizona Shoplifting Charge Dampers Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season of giving…but for some it was a time for taking. Shoplifting is a common occurrence in many retail stores and this time of year, with the crowds, credit card debt, cash flow problems and the unavoidable pressure of the holidays, many people can find themselves caught red-handed and arrested for shoplifting. Headlines even show that this charge is not reserved for the every day customer: Winona Ryder was arrested in 2001 for stealing from Saks Fifth Avenue, and more recently and locally, former Phoenix Sun Rex Chapman was arrested in September 2014 for multiple incidents at an Apple store.

 A Single Mistake A Lifetime of Regret

A momentary lapse in judgment can quickly lead to serious long-term consequences. Shoplifting goods worth less than $1000 is a misdemeanor, and over $1000 is considered a felony. Both are criminal charges and can result in jail or even prison time. Either way, an Arizona shoplifting charge must be taken extremely seriously. Not only are you facing the prison or jail time, fines, and community service, a conviction would stay on your record forever, requiring you to explain the arrest to current and future employers.

An Experienced Attorney for Your Defense

If you are arrested for Arizona shoplifting anywhere in the state, don’t take a chance on your future. Contact Matthew Lopez Law for a free case evaluation and get professional advice. Matthew Lopez has handled numerous shoplifting, theft, and stolen property cases and always fights to get his clients the best results.

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