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Driving on a Suspended License: Does the Risk Outweigh the Consequences?

January in Phoenix brings a new year as well as more “things to do” than anyone could get to or wish for. Being bored at any moment would be a crime: there is the NFL’s Big Game and all of its accompanying events, the Waste Management Open, Home and Garden Show, and of course the Barrett Jackson, just to name a few. The Barrett Jackson classic car auction brings auto enthusiasts from around the world to gawk at the shiny vehicles that most of us only dream about driving. A few lucky attendees will have the guts to bid, and even fewer will drive away in one.

All Drivers Have One Thing in Common

Before getting behind the wheel of one of these elegant cars or whatever vehicle you have in the garage at the moment, you will need a valid drivers license. Driver’s licenses in Arizona can be suspended if you are charged with a DUI, for racking up points for vehicular crimes, or for using a fake ID. They could be suspended from 6 months to a year depending on the charge and the specifics of the case. It is not unreasonable to think that a suspended driver’s license will result in many inconveniences, after all that is one of the main reasons it is a consequence of driving under the influence. Because of the hassle and difficulty associated with not having a license to drive to work, school, or grocery shopping, many people take the risk of driving anyway.

Serious Consequences for a Driving on a Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license has its own very serious consequences. The MVD and the courts take it seriously when you do not comply with their court ordered punishment and because of that, it is its charge with its own heavy consequences. As a class 1 misdemeanor, you face steep fines, probation, jail time and of course additional items on your criminal record. At Matthew Lopez Law, we have handled hundreds of drivers license related cases as well as people specifically charged with driving on a suspended license. It takes experience to handle these charges properly and fight to mitigate or dismiss them. If you take the risk of driving without a valid license and get busted, contact us at the office of Matthew Lopez Law right away.