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ASU Students Need a Minor Consumption Lawyer

Every year, Arizona State University Police and Tempe Police Department issue hundreds, if not thousands of citations for minor in consumption of alcohol and underage drinking. While one may think that it should not be against the law for college students to consume alcohol so long as they are doing so in a safe environment, ASU has a zero tolerance policy. While the fines may be relatively low for this offense, the lifetime consequences are serious.

One Mistake with Lasting Consequences

Not only is Arizona one of the few states that strictly enforces underage drinking laws, Arizona does not expunge criminal cases from a person’s record. Because underage drinking is a class 2 criminal misdemeanor, if your son or daughter is convicted of this offense, they will have the conviction on their record for the rest of their life. Due to our proximity to ASU’s campus, we have represented hundreds of students for various types of offenses.

While we provide our clients with exceptional representation, I am amazed with how many people make the unwise decision to not hire a lawyer. Please do not have the misguided perception that this is a small college ticket and that it is part of the college experience. When you graduate, this will be on your criminal history and may preclude you from gaining willful employment. Without legal experience or legal representation, you are making a very big mistake. Don’t leave the outcome of your case to chance, you need the assistance of a law firm who has been to court thousands of times and knows how to get cases dismissed. Representing yourself may cause you to say or do something that is not in your best interest and likely lead to more serious consequences.

Experienced Defense from an ASU Graduate

ASU students and the parents of ASU students should feel comfortable knowing my office has handled nearly every conceivable type of college related offense. We know the ins-and-outs of not only the court system, but with the Arizona State University disciplinary committee. Our attorneys are available day and night to discuss your case free of charge. As an ASU graduate, I have a vested interest in helping ASU students.