My office has seen an increase in the number of Arizona State University students arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. These arrests have led to a quite a bit of confusion as marijuana has become more and more legal across the Country. Although, in Arizona, a person can legally possess marijuana if they have a valid Arizona medical marijuana card, it is illegal for a cardholder to possess marijuana on the ASU campus.

Understanding the Law

It is hard to understand how a person can have a valid card, but because they are on one side of the street as opposed to another that is not considered “campus,” they can be charged with a very serious felony offense.

If we work as a team and we have an open line of communication, there is a possibility that my clients charged with marijuana (or even some other illegal drugs) related crimes, can participate in a diversion program. A diversion program means that after our clients successfully comply with the terms, all charges will be dismissed. If our clients have a medical marijuana card at the time of registering in the diversion program, they are permitted to continue using (medicating) marijuana as they participate in the program. I know this doesn’t make sense, but the courts have somehow agree that a person cannot be denied their right to medicate with marijuana after their arrest, assuming they have a valid prescription/recommendation.

Taking the Necessary Steps

This process can be daunting. Our lawyers would be more than happy to speak with you about your case or your child student’s case. I encourage you to read our online reviews to see how we can help protect your rights and prevent you from coming a convicted felon. Contact us now to take the first steps in defending your child’s rights.

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