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Hit and Run in Tempe Results in a Dismissal

I had a hearing at the Tempe Municipal Court this morning for a client who was charged with hit and run. Because this is a criminal charge and my client has a very good job, he hired our office to help beat his case. Even though this case is on the smaller end of the type of criminal representation we handle at our office, this client believed he was wrongfully accused and need the best representation to beat his charge.

Aggressively Fought A Hit and Run Case

We handled this case with the same veracity we would for the most serious of cases. According to the police report, there was absolutely no damage to my client’s car or the “victim’s” car. Because of which, my client left the scene. Tempe Police should have known this was a weak case and never charged my client.

After identifying the issues and spotting the flaws in the State’s case, we carefully crafted a defense that portrayed our client in the best of light. After presenting his case, the prosecutor saw our side of the story and dismissed his hit and run charge.

Providing Clients with Case Dismissals

Our client was thrilled that he selected the right law firm to help in his time of need. He could have chosen any law firm in the valley, but because of our high ratings and reviews, he decided to hire us. I’m glad we were able to help this man. He is a nice person who was wrongfully accused.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, see how we can help. A call to our office will not cost you anything and one of our lawyers would be more than happy to discuss your case.

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