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Not Guilty Verdict For Minor in Consumption at University Lakes!

On Monday, my law firm received a not guilty verdict at the trial of an ASU student’s minor in consumption of alcohol case. If this client did not hire an attorney, there is no way she would have been able to navigate the waters of a grueling trial. At the end of a two hour trial, the judge believed there was reasonable doubt that she had not consumed alcohol on the date in question.

Client Refused Breathalyzer and Denied Drinking

Our client was charged with underage drinking at an ASU tailgate party in September. The police profiled her because she looked young. Although she denied drinking and declined a portable breath test, the officer still issued a citation for MIC. The officer noted in his report that he smelled alcohol on her breath, had mood swings (presumably consistent with consumption), and had blood shot watery eyes. This is generic verbiage that we see in all police reports that officers use to cover their bases.

Sought Justice at Trial

At the pretrial conference, the prosecutors would not budge. With our advice, the client decided to take this matter to trial. At trial, the officer testified to what he observed. My office spent quite a bit of time preparing our client for her in court testimony. Because of our hard work and her tremendous testimony, we were able to achieve a not guilty verdict. We could not be happier!

Have your Case Dismissed by a Trained Professional

ASU student and parents, if you have received a citation for underage drinking, do not plead guilty and wind up with a conviction. Our lawyers CAN HELP YOU. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can represent yourself. Criminal cases are more complicated than what you see on TV. A trained officer and prosecutor will win every time against a layperson. Let’s beat your case together!

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