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Shoplifting Case at Chandler Saks Fifth Avenue

There has been a recent increase in the amount of shoplifting cases out of the Saks Fifth Avenue in Chandler, Arizona. This location has a security guard who is on the prowl to catch anyone and everyone who shoplifts at the store.   People arrested at this Saks Fifth Avenue are assigned to the Kyrene Justice Court and are being charged with a class one misdemeanor.

Saks Fifth avenue is considered a victim in these cases. As a victim, the court gives them certain rights. Some of their rights include the right to recommend prosecution. Saks Fifth wants the court to throw the book at people arrested for shoplifting at their store.

Falsely Accused and Need to Beat Your Case

This is where the lawyers at my office come into play. We have represented countless clients for shoplifting. There have been many times when our clients have been falsely accused and need an attorney to tell their side of the story. There are other times when our clients were caught and admitted to stealing. For these clients, they need an attorney to help keep them out of jail and avoid probation.

We Have a Plan For your Shoplifting Case

We understand good people make mistakes. What we don’t want is the court to ruin our client’s life by giving them an unreasonable punishment. We have a system in place for clients charged with shoplifting. It’s important that we work as a team to beat your case. From the moment you hire our law firm, you will see why our former clients give us glowing online reviews and consistently refer their family and friends. We’ve helped countless clients with their shoplifting cases, let us help you.

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