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Assault Case Dismissed at Lake Havasu Court

Assault Case Dismissed at Lake Havasu Court

Clients hire my office to travel throughout the entire State of Arizona for one reason, we truly provide clients with incredible case results. Today was no exception. I travelled from Phoenix to Lake Havasu this morning to resolve a client’s Assault case. Client was charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct after getting into an altercation outside of one of the Lake Havasu hotels. Client was from California (as with most of our Lake Havasu Clients), had a great job and needed the help of an attorney who he knew would go to bat for him.

Going to bat for him is exactly what we did. As soon as we are hired for a case, we immediately let the court know we are representing our client and request the police report from the prosecutor’s office. In order to provide a client with an exceptional outcome, it is important that we begin analyzing the police report as quickly as possible. Once we receive the report, we will begin crafting defenses to demonstrate why our client is innocent or should have their charges reduced.

That’s what we did for our client today. Client was looking at 10 days in jail. Due to our hard work, not only were able to keep him out of jail, we were able to get his assault charge completely dismissed.

If you are reading this blog post, it means either you or a loved one has a Lake Havasu case. Just like the client today, we will work hard to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the outcome you deserve. Call our office to speak with an attorney. Our consultations are free. We want to demonstrate to you how competent our lawyers are and what we are going to do to help get you out of this difficult situation.