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Even Fame Wont Save You From Severe Sentencing

A night on the town can quickly turn into a nightmare.  Bar fights are not just a thing of the Old West: alcohol mixed with high tensions can result in small scuffles that can escalate into a full on fight.  These altercations are not taken lightly anymore by police.  Whether you “started it” or not, you can be arrested for any number of charges such as assault, assault with a deadly weapon, threatening and intimidation, and disorderly conduct.  Recently, Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell fame was sentenced for his role in a December 2014 bar fight.  Diamond was able to dodge felony charges, but was convicted of two misdemeanor charges and sentenced to 4 months in jail.

There are always other angles

If you are involved in a bar fight and police are called, it is important to know there will be at least four sides to the story.  Police often do not get into the reasons the fight started, “he-said she-said” matters.  If they see fit, both sides of the argument are arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and possibly assault.  Even if it seems perfectly clear to you that it was not your fault or that it was self-defense, police will make arrests to diffuse the situation.  They will write up their findings in their reports, letting the judge and prosecutors figure out the details later.

Don’t let a disagreement harm your future

assault chargeIt is your criminal defense attorney’s job to investigate the different sides to the story and find the best ways to reduce or dismiss the charges.  The last thing our office wants is for your future to be jeopardized by a disagreement getting out of hand.  Matthew Lopez Law has been able to help clients get through the stress of their assault charge or disorderly conduct charge.  It is important to trust your attorney and to feel welcome to call anytime with your questions or concerns about your case.  That is what we are here for.  Call our office for a free consultation and to discuss your case today.

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