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Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney

Lake Havasu Shoplifting Attorney

If Winona Ryder taught us anything, it is that even the mega rich can get caught red handed.  Another celebrity has made the news for shoplifting.  This time is was Kim Richards from Real Housewives fame.  Richards was arrested Sunday after being accused of stealing toys from Target valued around $600.  While you would not expect this behavior out of someone who seems to have no problems with money, shoplifting is an “equal opportunity crime,” it can affect anyone, even those who you would least expect.

Stealing Property Needs to Have Aggressive Defense

Matthew Lopez Law is one of the best criminal defense law firms in Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City.  We have been hired numerous times for shoplifting charges and if there is one thing in common with them all, it’s that the cases are complex.  There are typically many extenuating circumstances and several effective defenses that can lead to a mitigation of the charges or dismissal of the case.  Factors such as the value of the goods stolen, previous arrests, and even simple explanations can all affect the outcome of a shoplifting case and the consequences.

Lawyers Who Handle Havasu City Theft Cases

If you have been charged with shoplifting or theft in Lake Havasu City or Bullhead City, it is important to find an experienced and respected Arizona attorney who has handled these unique cases before.  Contact my office for a free consultation of your case and we can begin fighting the charges right away.