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NFL Already Doling Out Alcohol Punishments

Well, the NFL season hasn’t even started, but we are already hearing news about league discipline for a player’s bad behavior.  Arizona Cardinals Bobby Massie was given a 3 game suspension for an incident that happened back during the Superbowl.  Massie was allegedly found drunk and asleep behind the wheel of a car and was arrested by police.  Not only does this bring negative publicity to the NFL and the Cardinals, it also violates the NFL substance abuse policy.

You don’t always have to drive for a DUI

Many people believe that a DUI charge can only stick if the police witness you driving while intoxicated.  It even makes sense from a safety standpoint that if you are too drunk to drive, you get in your car and sleep it off.  However, police can make the arrest based on the person being in physical control of a vehicle while drunk.  In which case, the officer only has to prove that you were above the legal BAC limit (using field sobriety tests and blood draws) and you had the keys to the car in your possession.  This strict portion of Arizona DUI law was put in place to protect the public and the driver: having the keys to a car means there is a high likelihood that you were driving, will be driving, or could have driven.

Tough cases require experienced defense

These types of DUI cases take experience to fight in court.  They are far from straightforward, requiring the eyes of a knowledgeable Arizona DUI attorney who has represented clients with similar cases.  Before you go to your car to sleep it off, think again.  If you are arrested for a DUI under these circumstances, contact our office for a complimentary case review.

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