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Real Life Breaking Bad in Cedar Rapids Taco Bell

One Taco Bell in Iowa was the setting of a Breaking Bad-like drug enterprise. Two men were arrested after police discovered evidence of a methamphetamine lab inside the restaurant in Cedar Rapids. The men were charged with drug possession and manufacturing methamphetamine.

Dangerous Drug Categorization makes for Serious Consequences

Meth is a very dangerous drug, and is actually categorized a “dangerous drug” in the eyes of the law due to its highly addictive nature and the severe affects it has on the user. Whether you are caught with a tiny amount, or found to be manufacturing or selling it, the courts will take the charges extremely seriously. In the Taco Bell case, setting up a meth lab to manufacture and presumably sell, will certainly result in a hefty prison sentence.

Start a Defense Immediately

The charges of meth possession and manufacturing meth in Arizona are always tough legal battles. If you are charged with a methamphetamine related crime, you are facing heavy consequences, with prosecutors seeking the maximum sentence allowable by law. The judges also take these drug crimes seriously. It is important that you have an experienced Arizona drug lawyer to ensure your rights are protected and that the most effective defense is presented in court. Our office has helped many clients overcome their drug charges, and to get them the best possible outcome for the case.

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