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Stiff Penalties for Lake Havasu Assault

Throwing Glass Bottle Leads to Assault

If Jenelle Evans is trying to set a record, she must be getting pretty close. The star of Teen Mom 2 has been arrested again, making it the 13th time she has been arrested in just five years.  The incident that occurred most recently resulted in an assault charge.  Evans allegedly threw a glass at her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend outside of her house, hitting her in the head.

Lake Havasu Assault Lawyer Keeping Clients Out of Jail

I have received many phone calls about an assault charge resulting from a heat-of-the-moment incident.  They often involve a young couple that is fighting, causing a momentary lapse in judgment.  It might seem as though if you are in the midst of a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend, that throwing a cell phone, punching a hole in a wall, or slamming a door is just par for the course of a passionate argument.  However, Lake Havasu police take these violent outbursts seriously.  In order to protect possible victims and to maintain peace and order, you can be arrested for assault, destruction of property, and possibly domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Can be a Misunderstanding

In my experience, many arrests stem from either being in a fight with a partner, drinking, or both.  It is difficult to maintain your composure during an argument, but keep in mind if anyone calls the police, a seemingly little action could result in major consequences.  Contact my office if you have been arrested for assault or domestic violence in Lake Havasu City or Parker, Arizona and we will work with the prosecutors to ensure you aren’t paying for a heat of the moment mistake for years and years to come.