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Lake Havasu Man Arrested for Swimming Naked in Lake

Disorderly Conduct for Swimming Naked in Lake

Lake Havasu is known for is fun and relaxed vacation-like atmosphere, but one California man took the “relaxed” part a little too far.  Police arrested the man after several calls were made about him swimming naked in the lake.  Onlookers were offended at the sight of the 52 year old man without pants climbing onto his boat near the London Bridge.  Although he claimed not to have known anyone was around, he was charged with disorderly conduct.

Lake Havasu Sex Offense Lawyer

There are many reasons a person in Arizona can be charged with disorderly conduct.  In its most basic form, it is something the police can use when someone is being disrupting in some way.  It could be loud shouting, fighting, inappropriate behavior or loud music. Many times, like in this case, it was based upon other people being offended and calling the police.  These cases can vary in severity depending on the facts.  Our office has extensive experience with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure cases all around Arizona.  We are very familiar with the courts, prosecutors and unique legal procedures in Lake Havasu, Parker, AZ and Kingman.

Got Arrested?  Our Havasu Lawyers Can Help

Our track record proves we get great results for our clients.  The representation you receive after hiring us includes a thorough review of the facts, police reports and other evidence.  Meeting with the prosecutors and maintaining a good rapport with them is key to how we get charges reduced or dismissed.  While a disorderly conduct charge sounds vague it can still leave a permanent blemish on your record.  Call our office is you are charged with disorderly conduct in Lake Havasu or Parker and we will get started immediately to get your life back in order.