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Fake IDs Result in Real Penalties

Students are back at Arizona State University and classes are in full swing. One of the big draws to ASU is the nightlife of Mill Avenue. With a huge selection of bars and restaurants, Mill Ave is a gathering place for locals to meet friends and have fun. The drinking scene is prevalent with bars everywhere you turn. Bouncers are a common sight as well, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. Due to the long history of underage drinking on Mill Ave, anyone under the age of 30 should be expected to get carded.

Unfortunately Common Issue near ASU Campus

Problems arise, all too often, when an underage individual attempts to enter a bar with false identification. Bouncers take fake IDs frequently and many times the policy of the bar not just to prevent entry, but to also call the police. Police are very familiar with these situations in Tempe around the ASU campus. Using identification that is not yours or using identification that has been illegally manufactured are class 1 misdemeanors in Arizona. That means they are serious offenses that will remain on your permanent criminal record for life. Along with fines and possibly jail time if convicted, you can have your driver’s license suspended for six months.

Serious Consequences Require Serious Defense

The consequences of what some may call a “victimless”, non-violent crime are severe. ASU students and other young people in Tempe must understand that these are not just tickets that can be paid and forgotten. Using a fake ID, false identification, possession of a false identification, or providing false information to a police officer can have long lasting ramifications on your life. Demonstrating to the prosecutor and judge that you are taking the charge seriously is important, which is why calling our office for experienced and knowledgeable legal representation is the most responsible decision. You can rely on us to communicate with the courts, review all the evidence and police reports, protect your rights, assist with DMV and school hearings, and to achieve outstanding results. Call us today if you are charged with using false identification, fake ID or providing false information to a police officer.

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