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Williams AZ Criminal Speeding

Williams AZ Criminal Speeding Lawyer

Driving in and through Williams, Arizona may seem like a breezy open-road drive, but it has turned into a very bad day for many. I have received numerous phone calls recently from people who have been charged with criminal speeding in Williams, AZ. The Route 66 from early days is no longer the Wild West; police patrol the area intensely for excessive speeders.

Arizona Excessive Speeding Penalties

Criminal speeding is much more serious than a regular speeding ticket. While a speeding ticket is a citation, criminal speeding (or excessive speeding) is automatically a class 3 misdemeanor. Along with fines, Arizona considers it a crime that will linger on your permanent criminal history. Furthermore, you will have 3 points against your Motor Vehicle Division driving history.

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I always tell my clients that a misdemeanor on your record is a black mark for employers and sometimes for education opportunities. Even if it is “just speeding,” it will still need constant explanation and can easily swing preference to another candidate. Our office has extensive experience with criminal speeding charges and has had great success with reducing or dismissing the charges. In Williams, the courts see a lot of visitors and people passing by. Small towns are notorious for making examples of speeders. Don’t take any chances with your future by gambling on this serious issue. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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